is one such portal related to capital one credit cards, which works online and is based on USA. Through this portal, they offer a lot of offers and opportunities to their customers. Basically, Getmyoffer platform provides services to their users of credit cards offered by Capital one.

There is an online portal which works to felicitate its customer with capital one credit cards and that is Getmyoffer. If we talk about capital one, it is one of the largest Bancorp and Credit Cards service providers of USA. This portal provides pre approved promotional offers to the credit card holders. To get the offers associated, users must have a Getmyoffer reservation code. Also, Get my offer access code will work for that too. This portal only works for those, who have completed 18 years of age and who applied or received capital one credit card offers. Also, they must be a citizen of the USA.

To receive the benefits associated with the, users need a few things to get the benefits. In which reservation code and access code plays a big time role to go to the offers and in the absence of  these two, a user cannot access the portal or get the benefits. There is also a mandatory requirement to receive offers. They are a good or, strong credit history and efficient background to get the benefits of capital one credit card.

The codes provided in the form of access and reservation worked as the verification number for people who have the access to the offers. The offer letter provided by portal  has all the details mentioned on it. looks for your credit report issued by banks. It includes your financial activities, so in case you miss your payment it will damage your credit score and eventually make an impact on the deals offered as the portal needs users with 3 years of good reported credit history authorized by the banks. Also, the credit limit of your card also depends on your score, but most of the time it ranges between $ 2000 to $ 5000 (USA Currency).

How to use Access Code

Here is the process to get the offers associated:

  1. To start this, you have to visit
  2. Then, submit the Getmyoffer reservation code in the box provided, they are 16 digit code provided by portal in the letter. Also, submit the Getmyoffer access code, which consist of 6 digits in the place mentioned in the same.
  3. After submitting the details and information, you need to wait for the response from the portal, capital one.

It takes approximately 7- 10 business days, to get approval even if you have a great credit score, the patience is required. Most of the time, banks have all the details regarding your credit history, but that doesn’t mean you are eligible for right away confirming. Also, if for any reason you got disapproval, then also the company will get in touch with you through email with exact reason of the same, like why your request have been failed. If you are lucky enough and your application has been accepted, then you will get your capital one credit card. Eligible Criteria

There are a few criteria which you have to fulfill to get the benefits of Getmyoffer Capital one credit cards. They are:

  1. The users must be a resident of the USA and more than 18 years of age.
  2. Users must have maintained a good record or, credit score.
  3. The user must have pre approved mail with all the mandatory details on it.
  4. If not have any pre approved mail or, missed the mail, then visit to the website Getmyoffer capital one and check pre qualified link on the website.

Information required to apply for Credit card

The card issued through capital one requires some basic information about users to proceed the matter. They are-

  1. First and foremost thing required is the full name of the user with social security number.
  2. Apart from name, Date of Birth and address is required with the nearest post office number.
  3. On the finance front, users, gross annual income and Information related to a savings account is required. Once you fulfill the criteria and Getmyoffer capital one approve the same, then the users can have access and authorization for the credit card issued.

Points to Remember

  1. Capital one is a healthy alter in this field as it is given the opportunity based on the approval request without any business. Even we can say, that anybody who have good credit history are welcome to onboard.
  2. In case of any queries, you can take help from the helpline number issued, or can drop a message on their social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook. Apart from this, you can connect through mail as well.
  3. It is acceptable everywhere, where MasterCard is accepted which means around 74 million locations. Also, you can withdraw cash from Getmyoffer capital one credit cards.
  4. The Getmyoffer Reservation Code has been applied on the website correctly, in case of any issue, just look at the banner on the website to find out the place to put the code. The same thing is applicable to Access Code as well.
  5. The website is fully legit and Getmyoffer capital one scam is a false information can be seen to disrupt the credentials.

Options with

There are plenty of options provided by the portal, be it the capital one card or, features. At the same time, annual fees are very reasonable. Some of the cards are:

  1. Savor Card: This card can be termed as rewards card as well. Its annual fees are, $95. In this, users can win $500 within the first three months of using the card on spending $3000.
  2. Quick Silver Card: This card issued by capital one. The annual fees for this card is $39 and on every eligible purchase the user gets 1.5% of the payment as cashback.
  3. Spark Cash, Credit Card:  This credit card needs an annual fee of $95 and at the same time provides the users with a lot of benefits, which includes, $500 sign up bonus and also 2% cash back on every eligible purchase from the credit card.
  4. Capital one  Journey Student Card: This is designed for college students by Getmyoffer capital one and there is no annual fees for the same card.

Benefits & Limitations

There is a big debate happening on the legality of this platform, or Getmyoffer capital alone scam. But, there is no truth to it and the offers associated with it are legit. They are offering credit card after going for a full check and balance so there is no space for the disruption. A dissatisfied customer can be possible in the platform, but there is no legal glitch at any steps of the portal. Even they ate providing a medium to encourage good credit history by providing a number of benefits and rewards for the same, which is a good step.

Bright side of the portal

Many users are giving a good opinion about this Getmyoffer Capital One. Some of them are:

  1. Their rates are good and also the bonus they offered. Help and assistance provided are up to the mark.
  2. I have been the customer of capital one and truthfully amazed with the services. Be it the Getmyoffer Reservation Code and Access Code or the offers, everything is on point.


Capital one has been working with Getmyoffer capital one generously to provide deals and offers to all the eligible customer without disrupting anything. The website is taking customer to get benefits while transactions, which is the biggest reason for their customer gain right now. Capital one on a lighter note provide, easy and efficient access to high end credit cards for their users to get the benefits and encourage their involvement.